APRIL, 2007

HPME End of Year Party

Thanks to all who attended this year's HPMEGSU End of Year Party at the Duke of York. There was lots of great conversation and great food!


GSU Health Insurance Plan Referendum

In the GSU Referendum on March 28, 29, and 30, 2006, members voted on proposed changes to benefits in the GSU Health Insurance. Members voted yes on all three referendum questions, approving increases to current premiums in order to add dental benefits and/or oral contraceptive drug benefits to the GSU Plan. For more information on the Plan, the referendum, or opting-out, please visit the GSU Health Insurance site at


HPME: Student Space

The HPME Department's new home on the 4th floor at 155 College Street has space for graduate students including large, semi-private study stations, internet access/printing facilities, kitchen facilities, and locker space. These facilities are distributed between two student areas which both require a valid access card for entry.

Study station occupancy is based on a day-use or "hotel" policy: first-come, first-serve each day. Each desk station is equipped with internet access and networking to printing facilities; instructions for internet access/networking are posted at each station. There are a few desktop computers available. Students are also welcome to bring their own personal laptops.

Lockers are not yet ready for student use. Please check back here for updates on locker availability.

All students who have not yet obtained access cards should contact Robin Hurst. To obtain your card, you will need to bring your U of T student card (T-card) for identification. Research stream students will also need to provide the name of their thesis supervisor for identification.


Too Much Turkey?

The Athletic Centre (AC) and Hart House offer a wide range of facilities such as an indoor running track, strength and conditioning centre, dance studio, tennis and squash courts, field space, intramural sports, and swimming pools - and access during the Fall and Winter session is included in your student fees. So go for it! Classes for dancing, yoga and swimming are offered for an extra fee.


Discount Travel and More

As members of Canadian Federation of Students and the U of T GSU, full-time HPME graduate students are entitled to a free International student Identity Card (ISIC). The ISIC provides members with a 35% discount for VIA Rail, reduced fares on Air Canada when booked through Travel Cuts, and student discounts throughout the world. To obtain your ISIC at the GSU, make an appointment at (416) 978-2391 (you will need to bring a passport-sized photo and your student card).


Graduate Student Initiative

In partnership with the Graduate Students’ Union, Student Services runs a GSI (Graduate Student Initiative) Program for graduate students. The program offers workshops, social events, and other resources to enhance the graduate student’s experience. See the GSI website for further details.


Who Is ROSI, and Why Is She Bothering Me?

A reminder to check and update your ROSI (Repository of Student Information) account regularly. ROSI contains all your academic information, including the University's record of your contact information, tuition fees/financial statements, academic history/transcripts, and more. If you haven't done it on ROSI, it hasn't been done - including your course registration!

If you are unsure about how ROSI works, check out the help sections of the ROSI web page or contact Christina Lopez.

Note that in order to do/register for a directed reading course you are required to complete and sign (with your instructor) a directed reading course form and forward it to Christina Lopez.  If this is not done, there will be no record on ROSI and you will not receive a grade/credit for the course.

For Blackboard enrolment, contact Zita McWhinnie.



A reminder to register and update your GradSIS account regularly. Without a complete GradSIS student-supervisor Graduate Agreement, you may not be able to access your student funding. For more information, please contact Christina Lopez.


A full listing of U of T campus events, including lectures, seminars, conferences, and special events, is available on the web. Please visit the daily events listing or the weekly events listing for up-to-date scheduling and details.