The HPME GSU is funded through a head grant from the University of Toronto GSU. A portion of our operating budget is allotted for each of the two years in the MHSc stream and for the MSc-PhD stream, based on student enrolments.

Students in HPME may individually invest in minor expenses on behalf of their fellow students and request reimbursement from the HPME GSU head grant. Expenses should be approved by the stream of students whom the student represents and must be approved by at least two Executive members of the HPME GSU, one of whom who should have signing authority for budget funds.

If you have incurred an expense on behalf of your stream, please fill out the HPME GSU Expense Reimbursement Requisition form provided (in Adobe PDF format) and contact one of the Executive members in your stream.

For further information on our budget, financial statements, or on expense reimbursement, please contact the Executive at